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“Your ah-ha moments are my oxygen”

Andrew Martin is our Chief Simplifier at The Human Manual. He helps to create and deliver our training courses both in workshop and digital form.

Andrew’s journey into the technology started when his step-dad came home with a Nokia 2110 and his uncles turned up with a Motorola DynaTAC 8000 – yes the one with the red display screen that was as heavy as a brick. Andrew recalls feeling a connection between him and the devices. He said “It felt as though I had a connection with them. Like 2 things that just go together for example like hand and glove. There’s something authentic that happens when you find something that just gets your mind and heart racing.”

Andrew’s infectious and passionate delivery style helps to connect users with real technology change. He has had the honour and privilege to simplify technology for ITV, FT, LendInvest and many others.

The Human Manual is training consultancy offering training services and courseware. Our vision is to change the way companies and people within it view training. We want every organisation to have the #TrainingRockstars effect. This is when your training courses sell out just as fast as your favourite music artist.

Our aim for every course is to achieve a standing ovation. This is common when attending a concert or show, less commonly at technology training events.

Our mission is to simplify 1 million devices, software and other types of technology to help people fall back into love again.


Getting Started:
with Google Calendar

by Andrew Martin

In under 15 minutes our Chief Simplifier Andrew will take you by the hand (virtually) and walk you through getting setup and started using Google Calendar. Andrew ensures you pick up some excellent tips and tricks along the way including how to add reminders into your diary using no more than 5 key words/terms.


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